Joint debt with HMRC

Wayne Clewes Staff asked 1 year ago

Hi all

I run a business with my wife and we jointly owe HMRC £9,000. Can I put the whole £9,000 into my IVA or only half of it?


1 Answers
Hanover Insolvency Staff answered 1 year ago

I am afraid the debt to HMRC is what is called ‘joint and several’. This means that the debt can be collected from either party. There is a probability that HMRC will accept £4,500 being part of your IVA, but your wife will still owe the other £4,500, so in theory when your IVA is completed they could come after you for the remaining money if your wife hasn’t paid it. Can your wife afford to pay? (speak to them and ask if you can spread the payment over several months). If she can’t afford to pay it may be best that she also enters into an IVA.